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Refresh Organic Moong Split Chhilka



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    Refresh organic moong dal mogar has a sweet flavour, soft texture and is easy to digest. It's rich in protein which is highly beneficial for health. Children, adults and elderly people should regularly eat moong dal to gain much-needed nutrition. Moong dal absorbs the flavour of seasonings and spices very well. These are also used in making flour sweet recipes. Moong dal mogar is low on carbs and high on other nutrients which make it a nutrient-rich food instead of calorie-rich. It helps with weight loss and boosts blood circulation to various organs. Ways to Use Refresh Organic Moong Dal Mogar:- Refresh moong dal mogar can be used to make a variety of dal recipes that are very popular and loved in India. It can be also used to make soups and different types of fried and dry snacks that are native to India. Benefits of Refresh Organic Moong Dal Mogar:- It can be easily digested by people who are recovering from illness. Refresh moong dal is high in fiber and protein. It helps to lower cholesterol and controls blood sugar levels. It helps to make incredible dal recipes and might be eaten as a nibble with tomatoes, onions and chaat masala. Grown organically without the use of chemicals and pesticides.