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Refresh Organic Biryani Pulav



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    Organic Biryani Pulav Rice is a true jewel in the rice variety of the world. Refresh organic biryani rice is famous for its flavour and aroma. Various spices, herbs and other seasoning with this rice variety, come together as a wonderful display of colour, aroma and flavour of Biryani. It is best to make rice varieties in an authentic Indian way and our variety remains fluffy and aromatic. Each grain of rice elongates thrice on cooking but does not fatten much. It is non sticky and non glutinous. Biryani Pulav rice contains all eight essential amino acids and folic acid. It is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol which is why it is beneficial to health. Ways to Use Biryani Pulav Rice:- Organic Biryani Pulav Rice is the best basmati rice for biryani and pulav. This variety of rice enhances the flavour of spices and masalas used in it. It is a premium quality of rice and elevates your dining experience. Benefits of Organic Biryani Pulav Rice:- It provides dietary fiber, essential fatty acids and an immense amount of antioxidants. Authentic and certified organic rice. No chemicals or pesticides used. It has a delicate flavour, sweet taste and shiny rich look with its unique characteristic aroma and grain elongation. It is non sticky, gluten free and suitable for special occasions.